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This yarn is medium fawn in colour, and is spun into a worsted weight to bring out its rich brown colour. It's lovely texture would enhance knitted or crocheted items of many descriptions.

The fleece used in this unique yarn was spun at a mini-mill in Southern Ontario where it was gently cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals. It is completely natural with no added dyes. We like to think of it as an Eco-yarn! It was processed with attention to detail yet there will be tiny variances in the size and twist of the yarn, which we think enhances the product. The finished skeins were hand washed in mild soap, triple rinsed, and air dried.

Proper care for your alpaca creation is essential to keeping it beautiful for years to come:

Use cool water ( 85F / 27C max.) and a mild soap or a human hair shampoo.
Never use chlorine bleach.
Remove any excess water carefully, avoiding any wringling or twisting.
Dry the product in a flat position in the shade. Block the product, reshaping it to its original dimensions.
By hand, carefully remove any wrinkles and straighten seams and facings. Never use a brush.
After the product has dried, touch up with a cool iron as needed.

We invite you to visit our farm's website and meet the delightful alpacas who grow the coveted fleeces that are shorn and spun for your creations!

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